Vacancy - Apprentice or a person to work in a garden used by care home residents

Greenview Residential Care Home has 2 acres of grounds which need some managing. A weekend volunteer has had to stop work due to health issues and needs some help.


We have a veg garden, a large greenhouse, very large borders, new beds and patio areas as well as new areas being developed. A large sleeper wall will need planting in the autumn.. the grounds border an old canal and the potential here is is the construction of another shelter along a recently constructed perimeter walk.. (unfinished`) The first shelter was a covid-19 project, completed April/May2020. A 6 x 3 wooden gazebo is arriving in 2 weeks time and will be erected for the people living here to make use of..( another is in need of a restoration-all the parts are ready to replace the worn out ones.)


Trees - There is an Orchard area.. and there is a sunken area which could develop into an interesting area next to a willow tree. A rough area is kept for hedgehogs, and insects .. The entire garden has been developed almost since my arrival in 1984.


We compost all kitchen veg waste.. about a ton is produced and recycled each year back into the garden. Wildlife is promoted alongside the various habitats that live within our boundaries.. last week a very large grass snake decided to visit the greenhouse, and we have had bats living within the garden. The canal is a great habitat that I am trying to maintain for them especially.. SO51 0JN Google Maps will show the aerial view of the homes boundaries. It would be great to try to pass on any knowledge to an apprentice or someone who would fit this environment..


We would offer free food at lunchtime, cooked by the staff, to anyone able to fill this role, fees/salary would be negotiated, through the apprenticeship scheme?


We are looking for someone who can immerse themselves in the home and be a part of the holistic care we offer here at Greenview Residential Care Home .


Please contact me via if you are interested in being part of our wonderful team.

Best wishes

Ian Bradford - Director