What Our Residents and Staff say


It is really good to be home again at last but it thanks to all the special care and friendship I received at Greenview that I have made such a good recovery.

To all the staff at Greenview thank you so much for all you have done for my dad through the years. Greenview is not just a care home, it’s a family. And I know my dad will miss you all in his own way.

Just a line to thank you for all the care and wonderful way I was looked after by your lovely staff while I was at Greenview. It is thanks to you that I made such a good recovery and I so much appreciate the way that you managed to fit me in when i came out of hospital.

May I start by saying I loved working at greenview and can’t wait to return.

From the initial interview I was always made to feel welcome.

The thought of bringing your child to a job interview would be unheard of but no, in-fact Ian was adamant I should bring him.

From that day, I new I would love working there.

The staff are all so lovely and you really do feel like one big family.

There was never a day I didn’t want to go to work and when I left to have my little girl I was genuinely sad to leave.


I’m excited to be returning in a few weeks time. It’s rare to find a job you really do love.

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 I worked at Greenview over a period of 10 years, coming back during university holidays.  I was given many opportunities for development including learning about the residents medications which definitely gave me a head start when I graduated from university in 2014 and started my career as a doctor.  During my time at Greenview I learnt to ask "why?” - e.g. Why is this resident always sleepy in the afternoon?  Do we need to ask for a medication review? Do we need to plan afternoon activities for them? - This curiosity to look for answers and solutions to problems has definitely made me a better doctor over the last 5 years!  I believe Greenview’s efforts to help and support local young people into successful and fulfilling careers has helped to build the great community spirit that it’s residents enjoy and allows them to benefit from enthusiastic staff with new and innovative ideas.

Thank you all for my lovely stay with you. Everyone was so kind and pleasant. The food was wonderful and I came home with my apetite restored. I’m coping with paperwork as though it had never been a major problem. I can’t believe one week at Greenview could have such an electric effect. May I please come back next time I get so low.

The care I had with you was wonderful and all the staff were so thoughtful – nothing was ever over-looked.

Thank you all for the care, love and attention that you all gave and shared with our dear mum, June. Despite that her last years were difficult for her, you all made her life that more easier and enjoyable.

We feel so blessed to have had the pleasure to have found such an amazing place. Will miss visiting you all.