About Greenview


Greenview Care Home staff (Romsey) with their award at the Hampshire Care Association Awards. Ian Bradford, owner of the home, pictured in the middle. Click here to read more...

Greenview Residential Care Home began in 1984 and since then, we have built an excellent reputation. 
Greenview aims, through its Planned Care Program, to maintain and promote as much independence as possible. Assistance given, dignity maintained. Greenview provides a positive choice for those who need some support. Offering help to maintain a quality of life.

Our Charter

We will always embrace new ideas and remain challenging to outside influences. An acceptable degree of risk will be encouraged. The “shared care” philosophy of the home will help previous carers, and loved ones, to engage in continued support, and, to that end, all facilities will be made available. The maintaining of previous links outside the home is encouraged.