Greenview has been working hard during COVID-19 to implement new building updates, protecting our residents and staff and giving a very high standard of care to everyone living here.


Supporting each other throughout this pandemic has been of paramount importance, guiding relatives in our decision making and managing the entire 20 plus staff. Throughout this time, only three staff members required very short periods of self isolation in the early stages of Covid-19.

All have been loyal, working tirelessly, with praise coming from them thanking us for keeping them safe too.


We have undergone a complete overhaul to our central heating/hot water system, replacing the one that had been here since our arrival in 1984! The new one was purchased and installed in October…

Two rooms now also have en-suite showers, and the last one recently completed is large enough to accommodate a married couple.

Nationally in Care Homes there has been a reported average of 43% staff absenteeism… we had just two… throughout this whole year.. amazing…and three youngsters brave enough to come and ask for a job! One even went on the vaccine trial.. very impressed with her.. You see residents displayed on TV as saddened and lonely.. those here are amazing… I think we are small and personable and with the garden, when the weather is good.. a refuge from the daily life.


Here we decided to not open up after the 8th of March as we had concerns, and better suggestions for ending residents not being able to see their relatives safely. By the end of April all the residents and staff will have received their second vaccination and we will begin to open Greenview up over the next few weeks… We/I feel letting these extra safety checks in addition to PPE will give us all better protection and may be a more sensible approach….Proudly we remain one of the few care homes relatively untouched by the pandemic. we would like to remain that way if we can… we had just two residents go into hospital, they were thankfully safely returned to us and quarantined…


Greenview has been a care home that has worked tirelessly to be COVID-19 free…..  

A recent visiting Doctor said..…’This is one of the strictest COVID-19 care homes I have visited'

A huge thank you to our residents, their families and of course the amazing team here at Greenview, without whom this year would have been so much more difficult.

Ian Bradford - Proprietor