Celebratory Lunch for Greenview staff/associates who come in and offer their services to us and especially those living here. Both of whom helped us win Care Home of The Year Award and Test Valley in Bloom Golds last year.
We are also remembering a lady who had a major influence upon Romsey and was the proprietor of three shops, her lasting memory was as the owner of the book shop in Bell Street, now Rum Egg. We thank her and her family for assisting in making this meal a celebration, we all had some good times with her living here at Greenview.

February 23rd 
Greenview Celebratory Lunch



Our 29th such party where you could sit in the garden and listen to Lockerley Silver Band and enjoy a cream tea or cake...the selection was incredible..Proceeds from donations went to The Thorngate Care Group whose volunteers look after the local community and Lockerley Silver Band.

July 16th 
Greenview Annual Garden Party



Our 26th Annual FREE Garden Party. Raised funds for The village care group and Lockerley Silver Band who have given us amazing undaunting support and loyalty to this event.
The care group bake cakes and turn the garage into a tea room for the day, we for our part are delighted to offer this day to all who come and see our tranquil gardens, hopefully eveolving each time they come. Our journey has been one together in which our mutual delight in making a special day for everyone attending. 

July 10th
Greenview Celebratory Lunch


The Annual Garden Party took place with music provided by Lockerley Silver Band. Proceeds were shared between the Band and Thorngate Care Group who provide transport for people to Hospitals/Dr's-Dentists and other assistance for those who may need some help.

June 30th
Annual Garden Party