Where to Start...

Our approach is very much based around shared care, with family encouraged to be part of the care team. From day one we work closely with the families of our residents to ensure that the individual receives the care and attention required for their specific mental frailty. 


1/ Home Visit

When we receive an enquiry about a new resident, we will travel as far as required to view the individual in their home, in their familiar surroundings, with those who know them best.


2/ Personal Assessment

During the home visit, a Personal Assessment is carried out on the individual. At this time the suitability of Greenview Residential Care Home is assessed for your family member.


3/ One Month Trial

Should we all agree that Greenview will be of benefit for you and your loved one, we will welcome them to the Home for a month. During this time we will provide regular feedback to the family.


4/ Ongoing Care

If at the end of the month's trial we feel that Greenview Residential Care Home is the best place for you, we will continue with our award winning care. If we feel there may be a better alternative we will advise you, and work with you to find it.